Los Angeles Chargers: 3 Reasons to sign Cam Newton

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Los Angeles Chargers
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– Former MVP

While the NFL might have 22 players on the field at one time, there is no position that is as important as the quarterback. The quarterback touches the ball on every play and they are held responsible for making things happen. If an offense is struggling, generally it is the quarterback who takes the blame.

Since the position is so valuable, it is hard to get great ones. Teams will rarely let quarterbacks hit free agency, as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were never on the open market in their prime. As we saw recently with Kirk Cousins, a good quarterback could make a boatload of money if he hit free agency.

While Newton might not be the quarterback he was a few years ago, this is a former MVP. At the quarterback position, it is very rare to see former MVP under 35 years old hit the open market.

Newton might have a lot to prove after the past few years, but MVP talent generally doesn’t just disappear. Even though he might not be at that level anymore, Newton was still an MVP not too long ago.