Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Reasons trading for Anthony Davis has proven to be smart

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Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

As we wait for the NBA season to resume for the Los Angeles Lakers, here are three reasons why the trade for Anthony Davis was a smart move.

When the Los Angeles Lakers were able to sign LeBron James in the summer of 2018, everyone expected a second star to come with him.

However, James decided to come by himself to play with the young core of the Lakers. Things started pretty well for the Lakers in LeBron’s first season, but when LeBron suffered the first major injury of his career on Christmas Day against the Golden State Warriors, things fell apart.

Before James was hurt, the Lakers were the 4th seed in the West. However, when he returned, the playoffs became a longshot and the trade rumors started to swirl. Most of those rumors were about Anthony Davis.

Davis made it pretty clear to New Orleans that he didn’t plan on signing another contract there, as he was trying to get out similar to what Paul George did in Indiana. However, the Lakers and the Pelicans were never able to get a deal done during the season, and it just resulted in a lot of drama.

With new front offices this past summer, the Lakers and the Pelicans were able to reach an agreement to send Davis to the Lakers. As a superstar player, the Pelicans got a nice haul and have a bright future.

A trade rarely works out for both teams, but that seems to be the case in the Davis trade. For the Lakers, here are three reasons why the Davis trade has proved to be the smart move.

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