Lakers Rumors: NBA targeting a return on July 31st to resume the season

Lakers Rumors (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Lakers Rumors (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Recent Lakers rumors are that Adam Silver has put a plan in place for the NBA to resume at the end of July.

For the last few months, all of the Lakers rumors have been about when we will possibly see the season resume. On Friday, we got some great news as the NBA now has a target date for when they would like to return.

Seeing the NBA potentially returning by the end of July is great to hear, as it gives the players a clear timetable on when they would be returning to action. In addition to the league deciding when they would like to resume, they have also talked about how they would like to do.

Due to teams not being out of the playoff hunt, it makes a lot of sense for the NBA to expand their playoffs similarly to what the NHL has done. If the NBA expands to 20 or 22 teams in the playoffs, this could result in conferences being mixed and matched.

There is still a lot to be decided, but this was a big step forward for the NBA.

For the Lakers, they now know when their chase for a title could be resuming. If the season is to resume near the end of July, the Lakers will have two full months to get into shape.

For the team to get into game shape, we will have to see the league begin to loosen the restrictions on how players can use the practice facilities. This could also result in players going to a singular location with testing being frequent so the players are safe and have limited outside interaction.

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Considering that the Lakers are a true title contender this season, it is great to see growing optimism that the season will resume. After missing the playoffs for a lengthy stretch, the Lakers will be motivated to pick up where they left off in March.