Lakers: Should they trade for Buddy Hield this offseason?

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What It Would Take To Get Buddy Hield

Although Buddy Hield is one of the best shooters in an NBA that is filled with shooters, his trade value may be much lower than you would expect. As mentioned earlier, Hield is currently very unhappy in his current position and on the team that rosters him.

As was the case when the Lakers traded for Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans, when a superstar, once in a generation player does not want to play for a certain organization it makes it possible to trade for a player who would under any other circumstances be untouchable and when talking about a quality starter like Hield it makes them extremely easy to trade for.

Along with this, the Kings are a rebuilding team who are looking for veterans who either have small contracts they can easily move on from, or wise vets who can mentor their younger players.

Also, the Kings want draft picks and young players that they can develop over the course of their careers. Luckily for the Lakers, they have a plethora of both that would not greatly affect the core or overall well being of the team if they were to move on from them.

As a result of all of these factors, I believe that it is possible for the Lakers to acquire Hield without having to trade away Kyle Kuzma and I have worked up two hypothetical trades that did not involve Kuzma and one that did just in case the Kings had a much higher asking price than expected. In these trades, it is assumed that all players with a no-trade clause will waive their right of exercising that option.