Lakers: Should they trade for Buddy Hield this offseason?

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Third Offer

The third trade is the deal in which the Lakers would have to trade potential star Kyle Kuzma. It would be giving up on the player who was supposed to be the third star on the Lakers only one year into the experiment with Anthony Davis on the roster, however, it has been made clear that he in his current form is not a good fit with the roster.

It is possible that after another offseason of training and improving his game it could be a whole different story, however, as it stands, if the Kings will not make the trade without Kuzma being involved, this is the best deal for the Lakers.

This deal is Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green in return for Buddy Hield. Hield would be plugged into the spot of the lineup that Green currently fills whether he stays on the roster or not. While it would be preferred for him to remain on the team as a backup, he becomes redundant in the starting lineup if Hield is on the team. Green is another player who has underperformed this season.

Despite having more open threes this season as a result of having playmakers like LeBron James and Rajon Rondo on the team, Green’s three-point percentage has greatly dropped. In return, this deal is a no-brainer for the Kings, Kuzma would be able to be more ball-dominant on the Kings and this would be a much better fit for him. Also, having Danny Green on the floor would spread the floor making it easier for De’Aaron Fox to get to the rim.