Lakers News: Kyle Kuzma named as a young player who could be traded

Lakers News (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Lakers News (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

Recent Lakers news is that Bleacher Report named Kyle Kuzma as a young player that could be traded for a star.

With the NBA getting closer to hopefully finalizing a plan to resume the season, recent Lakers news has been about some of the possibilities for the Lakers in the offseason.

Due to the season being suspended for so long, it is hard to predict how the playoffs will shake out. We could see upsets due to rust, or we could see the best of the best really shine.

For the Lakers, the franchise is hoping for some big things when the season resumes, as they have title aspirations. Depending on how the playoffs go for the Lakers could effect their plans for the offseason.

This season, one of the biggest disappointments for the team has been Kyle Kuzma. After trading away the rest of the young core and keeping Kuzma, expectations were high for Kuzma to be the third star for the Lakers.

Unfortunately, Kuzma suffered an injury over the summer with Team USA that trickled into the training camp and the beginning of the season. Kuzma was behind the eight-ball to start the season, and that didn’t help him in his new role at all.

Recently, Bleacher Report named promising youngsters who might be traded for a star. On their list from the Lakers was Kuzma.

Considering how good Kuzma was in his first and second seasons with the Lakers, his trade value still might be fairly high around the league. Kuzma has flashed the potential to be a great scorer and potentially a guy that can score 20 points a night. However, that consistency just hasn’t been there this season.

If the Lakers are able to win a ring this season, that could certainly help Kuzma’s chances of staying. Kuzma having a good postseason would make everyone forget about the poor regular season, and he would once again be a potential building block for the franchise for years to come.

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However, if Kuzma struggles, there will certainly be some that want him traded to get another star player to pair with James and Davis. There is certainly a lot riding on this postseason for Kuzma, as he will have to perform if he wants the trade rumors to stop.