Lakers: What would they look like if they drafted perfectly during rebuild?

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Lakers News (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images) /
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Los Angeles Lakers
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Here is a look at what the Los Angeles Lakers could have looked like if they would have drafted perfectly during their rebuilding years.

Looking at the Los Angeles Lakers roster in Kobe Bryant‘s final season with the team, it is clear that once he retired the team would clearly need a rebuild. Looking at the roster today it is safe to say that the organization did what the needed to do to get the team back to greatness, however, the question is raised, what if they had drafted “perfectly” in each year of that rebuild?

What would the team look like today? What pieces would have been necessary to get Anthony Davis onto the team? Lastly, would the team be better off in this scenario than it is today? All of these questions will be answered and the picks will be based on what I believe would be the best player to choose at the time after seeing them play in the NBA and their fit on the team.

It is still assumed that LeBron will be signing with the Lakers and they will trade for Anthony Davis, however, for the sake of convenience and not throwing in too many variables, the Lakers will still have all of the picks that they used in the actual drafts. This means that D’Angelo Russell will still end up being traded to the Nets. We will be starting in the 2016 draft and moving on through the 2019 draft.