Chargers Rumors: Expert thinks Colin Kaepernick is a possibility

Chargers (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Chargers (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

The NFL is attempting to make amends with Colin Kaepernick, and the Chargers might be in the mix.

It has been a long time coming for veteran quarterback Colin Kaepernick, but he might just find himself back in the NFL after a 3-year hiatus. Could it be with the Chargers?

By now, everyone should be familiar with his story. If you’re not, you might have either been living under a rock or with an Amish family — or both. Kaepernick took a stand for social injustice a few years back by taking a knee during the National Anthem.

His peaceful protest continued through the 2016 season before the San Francisco 49ers cut ties with him, and that was the end of Kaepernick’s NFL journey — or was it? Owners seemed to band together and never gave him a shot after seeing his peaceful protest take the worldwide news by storm.

After all of this hoopla, Kaepernick is still left wondering what exactly he did to deserve the league shutting him out. Finally, though, it appears as though commissioner Roger Goodell, amongst other coaches and players, is finally coming around.

With the entire world hopefully taking a turn for the better against social injustice and systemic racism, Goodell released a statement encouraging teams to sign Kaepernick. This was a big step.

Then, around the same time, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler made an appearance on Sportscenter and talked about a handful of teams he sees as a strong possibility for Kaepernick. He mentioned four teams: Tennessee, Jacksonville, Washington and, finally, the Chargers.

"“And then the Los Angeles Chargers because they have Justin Herbert, the rookie, if they want to give him a true redshirt year they could roll with Tyrod Taylor, an athletic quarterback, with Kaepernick right behind him.” (Fowler via Bleacher Report)"

The Chargers signing Kaepernick makes a ton of sense, Coming off a 5-11 season and now facing their first season in a new era without Philip Rivers, this team may benefit from giving rookie Justin Herbert a year to learn, much like Patrick Mahomes recently saw work well for him.

Tyrod Taylor is still a serviceable quarterback and is a guy who very rarely turns the ball over. Truthfully, the Chargers might actually compete with Taylor at the helm.

They are returning a defense which should be a top-10 unit, boast weapons aplenty on offense and, now with a careful quarterback like Taylor, could surprise us all. It will be a tough division to compete in this year, with the Chiefs being the powerhouse, the Broncos featuring a dangerous group on offense and a solid defense still, along with the Raiders who have added quite a bit over the last two seasons.

Back to Kaepernick. He will obviously sign somewhere to be a backup, and if the Chargers wanted to keep three quarterbacks on the roster, he makes a ton of sense. Between Taylor and Kaepernick, Herbert could learn a lot.

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Of course, Kaepernick has experience in the playoffs and Super Bowl. He’s also been at the forefront of the news over the last few years, so he knows exactly how to deal with a media storm and plenty of criticism. What better person (not just player) to learn from, if you’re Herbert? If I’m Anthony Lynn, I would love nothing more than for my rookie quarterback to absorb as much as he possibly could from Kaepernick, especially during these trying times.