Lakers Rumors: Players will have to decided about playing by June 24th

Lakers Rumors (Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images)
Lakers Rumors (Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images) /

Recent Lakers rumors are that players will have until June 24th to decide whether or not they will be going to play in Florida.

With the NBA hoping to resume the season at the end of July, recent Lakers rumors have been about whether or not some players will be sitting out.

Due to the coronavirus and the racial issues that are happening in America right now, there is certainly a good possibility that some players will not be making the trip to Florida. Whether or not it is because of the virus or them wanting to not play for social reform, players will still be paid.

However, the league does want a decision on whether or not players will be going to Florida by June 24th according to Adam Silver. Silver recently talked about the situation on ESPN’s Get Up, here’s what he had to say with text via Silver Screen and Roll.

"“My sense is, we’re going to be able to work through most of those issues during the next few weeks, but as I’ve said, we also have an arrangement with the player’s association where if a player chooses not to come, it’s not a breach of his contract. We accept that.”"

For the Lakers, they have two players that could potentially be sitting out when the season resumes. Both Avery Bradley and Dwight Howard have expressed the possibility of not playing when the season resumes to sit out in hopes of helping end racism in America.

If Bradley and Howard both sat, the Lakers would without a doubt be in some trouble. Bradley is one of the best defenders on the team and has been pretty good on the offensive end of the court at times to this season. He is certainly a player that could be closing out games for the team in the playoffs, as he can hang with the elite guards in the Western Conference.

In addition to Bradley, Howard has been great for the Lakers. Coming off the bench, Howard has been a high energy guy for the team, blocking shots, getting rebounds, and scoring efficiently.

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With the West being challenging and the Milwaukee Bucks in the East, the Lakers need to be at full strength if they are going to win a title. We will have to see what these two and others decide to do, but from a basketball standpoint, the Lakers need them both.