Rams: 3 trades to consider making before 2020 season

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Los Angeles Rams (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /
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Before the 2020 NFL season kicks off, the Rams should consider making one of these three trades.

We have entered the period of time in which fans are getting antsy. Scratch that — they’ve been more than antsy, anxious, edgy, nervous and anticipatory for months now. With NFL training camps just around the corner, Rams football will be here before know it. It’s about time.

Going into the 2020 season, the Rams are facing somewhat of a turning point. They’re in a unique situation. Just two years removed from a Super Bowl appearance, this team feels like they are heading in the opposite direction. Between age, lost draft capital and being up against the cap, there are many questions around whether or not this team can get back to where they were just a short time ago.

One of the biggest issues which will plague the Rams even more in the future is with their financials.

The bottom line with the Rams’ current situation is this: Going forward, they are in trouble with the cap. At the moment, they only have just over $5 million in cap room, according to Over The Cap. But, next year, things could start to get tough.

All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey is on the last year of his rookie deal, and come 2021, he will look to get paid. I would be shocked if Ramsey didn’t want to be the highest-paid cornerback in football next spring.

On top of that, Jared Goff sees his cap hit rise another $6 million and Aaron Donald‘s salary goes up a couple million as well.

The Rams have some players they will need to pay shortly, and they also have some players whom may interest a contending team that aren’t under contract much longer. Let’s look at three players in particular who could net a decent enough return for the Rams to make a move.

Fans won’t be thrilled with the idea of them all, but these might be necessary moves in order to move forward and get younger, while attempting to get back on track cap-wise.