Rams: 3 trades to consider making before 2020 season

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Trade No. 3

Deal Cooper Kupp

This one would hurt, but it makes a whole lot of sense to trade wide receiver Cooper Kupp now rather than allow him to test the free agent market next year and lose him for nothing.

Kupp, 27, was an older rookie drafted out of East Washington back in 2017. Now, he’ll be 28 when next season starts and on his second contract as a pro. We have already established the fact that the Rams are in a tough spot with the cap, and though Kupp looks like he’s only getting better, can they really afford to pay him?

One interesting piece of information to look at when thinking about a possible Kupp trade is the fact that the Rams drafted Van Jefferson this year out of Florida, who does a lot of similar things as Kupp. They drafted Jefferson with high capital in the second round, and he’s comparable in size and stature as well.

This is an offense which focused a lot more on getting tight ends involved late last year, which is why many expect Tyler Higbee to truly break out in 2020. If it will be more of a balanced attack and the Rams ultimately have Kupp’s replacement, why not try and land somewhere around a second-round pick in a trade?

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It would be sad to see him go, but this might be the right move for the franchise going forward. All three of these might be the right moves, actually, assuming they could land top value in return.