Clippers: The real, absurd reason Paul George left Indy

LA Clippers (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
LA Clippers (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Paul George recently acknowledged what made him leave Indy before ultimately landing with the Clippers.

As NBA fans get ready for what we are all hoping to be a successful resumption of the 2019-2020 season and begin postseason play, Clippers forward Paul George gave reason for some part of the league’s fan base to be quite upset.

George, Kawhi Leonard and his the Clippers are one of the current championship favorites when the season resumes. Over in Indy, the place where it all began for George, the Pacers are also in the playoff mix. Fans in Indy should be optimistic about a postseason run, but not as optimistic as they would be if their front office didn’t run George out of town.

On a recent episode of the Knuckleheads Podcast featuring ex-NBA hoopers Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson, George told spilled the real, unadulterated truth about why he wanted out of a Pacers uniform.

"“I ain’t gon’ say the names, because I’m going to keep their business private, I’ma just say it like this: I had, at the time, the best power forward saying he wanted to come to Indy and team up with me. They’re like, ‘We’re a mid-major, we’re a small market. We can’t do it. We’re a small market and we can’t afford that.’ I’m like, ‘The best power forward wants to come play here! Y’all can’t make that work?’ They didn’t want to do it.”"

As the story goes, George was traded from Indiana to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for guard Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.

These are some interesting words from George, though. If I were a Pacers fan I would be off-the-wall angry hearing this story. It gets worse, though, because the question from all of this becomes: Who was that power forward George was talking about?

League sources are said to believe that the ‘best power forward’ George was referring to is none other than fellow Los Angeles superstar Anthony Davis, whom of course ended up with the Lakers.

Could you imagine a Pacers squad with both George and Davis? If you’re a Pacers fan, you’re thinking about a championship contender for years to come, assuming they kept that core intact. Instead, the Pacers dealt George and wound up with two pretty good players, to be fair.

But, Oladipo and Sabonis hardly stack up against a potential duo of George and Davis. If you’re a general manager and have the opportunity to place arguably two top-5 players together on the same roster, you do whatever you possibly can to get it done.

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Oh, speaking of which, the Clippers have done just that. Let’s go get that championship.