Lakers News: Alex Caruso named biggest wild card heading into playoffs

With the NBA set to resume, recent Lakers news has been about who will be the biggest wild card for the team.

As we get ready for the NBA to resume, recent Lakers news has been about the team getting prepared to return.

However, when the Lakers head to Orlando, they will be without one of their key players. Avery Bradley has decided to opt-out of the trip to Florida. Bradley has been a starter for the Lakers for most of the season, so his absence will certainly be noticed.

While Bradley doesn’t handle the ball like a traditional point guard, he has been an effective player on both ends of the court for the Lakers this season. Especially on the defensive end, Bradley is going to be missed.

With Bradley out, the Lakers will have to figure out what they want to do with the starting lineup. Luckily, Frank Vogel will have a few regular season games to test out some new rotations for the playoffs.

For the Lakers, they will have a few wild cards that could really either make or break the season for them. Recently, Bleacher Report named Alex Caruso as the biggest wild card for the team going into the playoffs.

Since Bradley won’t be playing, it could very well be Caruso picking up a bulk of those minutes. In a somewhat limited role, Caruso has become a fan-favorite for the Lakers this season.

When Caruso is on the court, good things seem to happen for the Lakers. Even though his stats don’t jump off the page, Caruso is a very good defender and compliments the stars of the Lakers nicely.

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When training camp starts back up for the Lakers, we might get a better idea of who will be seeing take over Bradley’s role. With an open roster spot, it could end up being someone else, but Caruso could be the wild card for the team.