Lakers: 3 Ways J.R. Smith can help in the NBA Playoffs

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– Experienced

One of the most important things for playoff basketball is experience. As of now, the Lakers have been built with a lot of players that have either won championships or played a lot of playoff basketball.

LeBron James is no stranger to playing in the NBA Finals, and he did so for eight straight seasons. That is a remarkable feat, and he has likely experienced everything you possibly can in a playoff game.

Like James, Smith has been apart of a lot of big games as well. For four seasons with the Cavaliers, Smith has played in the NBA Finals in a significant role. Playing over 25 minutes a game in the playoffs those years means that Smith has seen in all in terms of what will be needed to win.

Adding Smith to a team that already has a lot of experience in the playoffs will be a bonus. James has always been a pass-first player, and even more so this season. With LeBron leading the league in assists, players like Smith always have to be ready for the ball to get to them quickly for an open look.

Having the confidence and experience to hit a big shot is something that Smith does possess. With the game on the line in the playoffs, it is important to have players like Smith who have been there and done that before.