Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Reasons Kyle Kuzma can salvage the season

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Playoff opportunity for the Lakers

Even though there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding how the NBA restarting will be, we do know for sure that the Lakers will be a playoff team this season. This snaps a long drought for the franchise, as the front office has done a great job turning things around.

While making the playoffs was the No.1 goal for the Lakers this season, they now have their eyes set on bigger and better things. That is winning a championship.

For Kuzma, this will be his first playoff appearance in his young career. The playoffs can be a very challenging time for a young player, but not playing road games in a hostile environment should help him.

Also, the Lakers have a wealth of experience on this team. Kuzma will be able to go to nearly any of his teammates for advice during the playoffs, and more than likely, that teammate has been through it in the playoffs.

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To salvage his season, nothing would make fans forget more about a poor regular season than a great postseason. If Kuzma plays well for the Lakers, they will be an extremely difficult team to beat in the playoffs. As Kuzma also gets ready for a potential contract extension soon, playing well in the playoffs could result in him getting paid a lot more.