Chargers Training Camp: Justin Herbert and 3 main concerns

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Concern No. 1: Will Hard Knocks be an unwelcome distraction?

On one hand, Chargers fans could have initially been excited to find out their team was going to headline HBO’s Hard Knocks this year, alongside the Rams. After all, getting an inside scoop on training camp and a lot of what goes on behind the scenes is something we crave as sports fans.

Looking at the flip side, many players and coaches could feel the exact opposite about being featured on the show. Seeing the perspective that says this is the Chargers’ business and the Chargers’ business only is easy. Coaches and players could view this as a distraction instead of a privilege, and I would choose to side with them on that feeling, too.

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But, during an offseason unlike any other, this could be even more of a distraction than usual. Knowing your every move could be on prime time television for all to see is stressful enough. But, being under the pressure of virtually no offseason and going into a season that will go down in history as one of the most unusual seasons ever played?

Yeah, this could be a very, very bad thing for the Chargers — especially when trying to do all you can to groom your future franchise quarterback.