Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Reasons Fans Should Be Concerned Going Into the Playoffs

Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /
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Los Angeles Lakers
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LeBron James Believes the Team Is Not Ready For the Playoffs

LeBron James is the clear on and off the court leader for the Los Angeles Lakers and has been the face of the franchise ever since he joined the team in the free agency class of 2018. However, in a recent interview, it appears that even he is doubting his own team as they go into the playoffs. James leads the league all time in playoff games played and if anyone should know what it takes to be ready for the playoffs and being a team that is capable of making a deep playoff run, it should be him.

Along with this, with James making it to the NBA finals an incredible nine times throughout his career, he knows what pieces need to be around him for him to be capable of winning it all. It seems that he is showing doubt on if the Lakers are built for a run of this caliber which should be concerning to Laker fans as a whole.

In the interview that he was quoted as saying he was “getting there” physically but in terms of mentally neither he nor his team was prepared for the grind of a playoff run. He believed that they would be able to lock it in once the playoffs began.

This could be a way of LeBron to motivate himself and his teammates or a way to take the huge target they currently have off of the Lakers backs, however, with the date getting closer and closer, it is hard to believe that that much change is possible in such a short amount of time. Especially with the Lakers likely being thrown right into the gauntlet of difficult matchups as soon as the first round.