Los Angeles Dodgers Trade Target: Adsrubal Cabrera

Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

With the MLB Trade Deadline quickly approaching, here is one potential trade target for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Despite all of the strangeness for the 2020 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers find themselves once again as one of the top teams in baseball. The Dodgers currently have the best record in the majors along with the best run differential.

This is certainly a good combo for the Dodgers, but we have seen great Dodgers teams come up short in the past. As we get ready for the MLB Trade Deadline, one player that they should consider pursuing is Asdrubal Cabrera of the Washington Nationals.

Despite the struggles of the defending champs this season so far, Cabrera is playing well once again for them. So far this season, Cabrera is hitting .260 with five home runs and 17 RBIs. As a switch hitter, Cabrera is also hitting the ball very well of left-handed pitchers this season.

In fact, Cabrera is one of the best hitters against left-handed pitching in all of baseball with a .481 batting average.

The Dodgers have liked to have players that can play multiple positions and hit well in a platoon role. Cabrera would fit in nicely with them, as he is a switch hitter and can play multiple positions in the infield.

Cabrera has also played a good amount of playoff baseball, which is where the Dodgers want to be. Getting some more depth for the platoon system of Roberts could be a welcomed sight, and Cabrera will certainly help the lineup against left-handed pitchers.

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This wouldn’t be a big splash for the Dodgers, but little moves like this are sometimes the difference between winning a title or not. The Dodgers have been seeking to get over the hump for years now, and adding some depth might be the way to do it.