Los Angeles Lakers News: Rajon Rondo injury update

As the Los Angeles Lakers wait for their second-round opponent, they are hopeful that Rajon Rondo will be back.

The Los Angeles Lakers were able to win their first round series against the Portland Trail Blazers in five games after losing the first game of the series. The Game 1 loss to the Trail Blazers caused some concern, but LeBron James and Anthony Davis were fantastic for the rest of the series and the Lakers handled the rest of the series rather easily.

Now, the Lakers will be waiting to see whether they will be playing the Houston Rockets or the Oklahoma City Thunder in the next round. For the Lakers, they are hoping to have one player back for that series.

Fairly soon after the Lakers arrived in Orlando, they had Rajon Rondo go down with a hand injury. Rondo left the bubble shortly after, but has been back with the team. Recently, Frank Vogel gave an update on Rondo’s status for the next round. Here’s what he said via Silver Screen and Roll.

“He did practice today, did look good,” Vogel said after practice on Monday, noting that the Lakers wouldn’t give an official status update until their next game was scheduled.

“But he looked good today. We’re hopeful to have him in this series,” Vogel said.

Rondo has been a very interesting part of the Lakers this season, as sometimes he looks like the Rondo of old, and other times you don’t want to see him on the court. However, “Playoff Rondo” is a very real thing, and the Lakers could use another point guard.

LeBron James continues to shoulder a heavy load for the Lakers offense, and getting Rondo back would give the Lakers a secondary playmaker coming off the bench. The Lakers will obviously need Rondo to be engaged on offense, but he is arguably their second-best playmaker behind James.

When the Lakers know their opponent, it looks like we will get more of a timetable for Rondo’s return. Hopefully, he will be able to contribute in round two.