Los Angeles Lakers: Winning is more important than money for Rajon Rondo

Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

As the Los Angeles Lakers get ready to face the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, Rajon Rondo recently talked about his desire to win.

The long journey for the Los Angeles Lakers is finally coming to an end with NBA Finals starting soon. For the Lakers, there is still one goal left to accomplish, and that is winning the whole thing.

For the Lakers, the expectations have been high, but they have met and possibly even exceeded them. With two superstars in the LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers were a desirable team to be on once again.

Recently, Rajon Rondo talked about his desire to win and the money not meaning much to him anymore. Here’s what he had to say via Marc Stein.

"“That is why I am still in this league,” Rondo said. “Obviously, I am not out here for a check. I want to win. I want that feeling again. … My kids seeing me win at an age where they understand the game now. That is the biggest goal, to win with a great group of guys. You definitely don’t take that for granted.“I’ve won with a great group of [Celtics] guys that I won with in the past. We’re still friends to this day. Still brothers to this day. Now, hopefully we can do it again with another championship.”"

For Rondo, he is in the latter part of his career. There have been some ups and down for him around the league, but Rondo certainly is able to turn it one when the team needs him. So far for the Lakers, Rondo has been fantastic in the playoffs, which is something that would have been hard to predict after seeing him in the regular season.

At this stage in his career, Rondo is all about winning. His decision to play with LeBron James and the Lakers makes a lot of sense, as James is one of the best players in the league and frequently in the NBA Finals.

Even though it has been a while since Rondo won with the Celtics, he is still contributing for the Lakers off the bench and has been a crucial part of their playoff run.