Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers interested in Rajon Rondo

Lakers Rumors Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Lakers Rumors Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

Recent Lakers rumors have been that their rival the Los Angeles Clippers are interested in signing Rajon Rondo.

With the NBA offseason upon us, there has been no shortage of Lakers rumors about the NBA Draft and free agency. After winning a the NBA Title, the Lakers are surely going to have some hard decisions to make regarding their roster.

The Lakers were able to have a very strong offseason last year, as that helped result in them winning a title. Now with a few free agents from their title winning roster, the Lakers will have to try and keep their team intact.

One of the players that is a free agent for them is Rajon Rondo. This season, Rondo might have been one of the more frustrating players on the Lakers. At times, we saw the Rondo of old, who was a fantastic playmaker. At other times, Rondo looked like he didn’t belong on the court.

However, there was no doubt that Rondo was an important part of the team this season. The Lakers really didn’t have a secondary playmaker outside of LeBron James, and when he was off the floor, the team struggled.

In the playoffs, Rondo was able to find that playoff Rondo mode and be the playmaker the Lakers needed him to be. Now, Rondo is a free agent, and while the Lakers would certainly like to have him back, they aren’t the only team in Los Angeles interested in him.

The Clippers really had a disappointing season, as they didn’t reach even the Western Conference Finals. For a team that really went all-in on winning now, they have to make the most of their window due to their lack of assets for the next number of years.

The interest in Rondo is interesting, as he would be a good facilitator for them, which might have been an area where they were lacking. However, it would have to take a better deal you would figure to make Rondo leave the Lakers.