Commenting System


It looks like this, at the bottom of every post:

Let me explain it to you:

First- type in your comment and click “post as” and then a new window will open and  you will have a couple of options. It will look like this:

If you have a Twitter, Google (Gmail, Google+, Youtube, etc.), Facebook, Linked-In, or Open-ID account you can simply login using that account that is already setup. HOWEVER, there are some you that will not want to or cannot do this because you don’t want to use your account or you don’t have any of those accounts. In that case proceed to bullet number 2.

Create a LiveFyre account. This is really simple and doesn’t sell your info to the world.

When creating a LiveFyre account; simply create a username and password and give them your email. That’s it! If you want to type in your website or name you can do that also but it is not required. Here is what the create a livefyre screen looks like:

Then simply, post your comment. And if you have “cookies” enabled in your browser you won’t even need to remember this information.

That is all there is to it. Feel free to comment away! Agree, disagree, give a different opinion, give a new scoop, say “Go Lakers!”, etc. Enjoy this ability to comment.

  • NOTE: If you do use your Facebook or Twitter as your login—IT WILL NOT POST TO YOUR FEED UNLESS YOU INDICATE YOU WANT THAT.