3 Biggest Takeaways From JJ Redick's Lakers Introduction

The Los Angeles Lakers finally introduced JJ Redick as their new head coach. Here are the main takeaways from his introductory presser.
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3. The Expectation is a Championship

After a first-round loss at the hands of the Denver Nuggets, Lakers fans were pessimistic about their future. They were understandably wondering whether their championship window closed. LeBron James is approaching 40, Anthony Davis has constant injury concerns, and the rest of the team isn't on par with some of the best teams in the league. Some were even debating whether the Lakers should think more future-focused and rebuild instead.

One of the first things Redick did on Monday was to dispel that notion.

Redick assertively said that the Lakers as an organization always aim for a championship and that he signed up to win a title.

He didn't specify a timeline for this goal but considering that he signed a four-year contract, it's clear that he has no intention of rebuilding. This likely means that LeBron James and Anthony Davis are staying and that they are going to try to build a championship-caliber roster around them.

Whether the Lakers have enough assets to contend for a championship over the next couple of years remains to be seen but it's clear that will be the goal. Redick is young and has a long future ahead of him as a head coach but it doesn't seem like he is willing to wait to win his first championship. That should be a big relief for Lakers fans who always want to see their team competing at the highest level.

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