3 Chargers Fans Will Be Happy to See Leave in Free Agency

The Los Angeles Chargers shouldn't be afraid to let some of their key free agents walk.
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RB Austin Ekeler

Ekeler has long been a fan favorite in Los Angeles. One of the few consistently productive players in a Chargers uniform, Ekeler will certainly be difficult to replace. Even though Ekeler's numbers declined across the board last season as he only finished with five rushing touchdowns, he remains one of the best offensive weapons on the roster.

However, the relationship between the organization and Ekeler soured last offseason. He pushed for a contract extension and then a trade before the season started. This lasted all season, and now that he had a down year instead of a contract-worthy season, it's hard to see him stick around for another year.

The Chargers don't have an Ekeler replacement in place. Joshua Kelley is a free agent, and Isaiah Spiller and Elijah Dotson haven't shown enough. Yet, the rebuilding Chargers are still better off not giving a 29-year-old declining Ekeler another contract.

He will likely get a more lucrative deal elsewhere as one of the best running backs on the market anyway.