3 Chargers Fans Will Be Happy to See Leave in Free Agency

The Los Angeles Chargers shouldn't be afraid to let some of their key free agents walk.
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CB Michael Davis

Davis has been a mainstay in the Chargers' secondary for the past six seasons and he has generally been fine. But that's all he is, just fine.

After having a career season in 2022, Davis had a down year, with a 65.2% completion percentage and a 119.2 pass rating allowed when targeted. He also allowed eight receiving touchdowns to just one interception.

As a 29-year-old cornerback on the decline, he is likely not a starter-caliber defender anymore. Since he has always been an inconsistent player, there is a chance he has a bounce-back season next year, but Bolts fans will not be holding their breath as that rarely tends to happen to cornerbacks.

Los Angeles is already in a difficult financial situation with minimal cap flexibility. They simply can not afford to bring back mediocre-at-best options in key positions.

The Chargers will be better off if they address their lack of corner depth via draft or free agency since they will have no other true corner on the roster other than Asante Samuel Jr. once they let Davis walk.

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