3 Chargers Most Likely to Be Traded This Offseason

The Los Angeles Chargers will go through plenty of changes this offseason, including the likely departures of key figures.
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Khalil Mack

This is a hard one since Mack was arguably the Chargers' best overall player last season. Against all odds, the 32-year-old edge defender had the best season of his career, finishing with a ridiculous stat line of 17 sacks, 36 QB pressures, and 74 tackles. Winning his eighth Pro Bowl honors as one of the best defensive players in the league, Mack showed no signs of decline.

The consensus before the beginning of the 2023 season was that it was likely going to be Mack's final season with the Bolts. He was going to be too expensive for Los Angeles to keep around. He has done everything he could to change that consensus.

Was it enough to justify the Chargers to keep him around for another year?

Considering where the Chargers are as a franchise, no.

Mack is entering his age 33 season and has a $38.5 million cap hit for 2024. The Chargers, who just got their head coach and are in the early stages of building a contender, can't afford to take the risk of properly paying (or overpayin)g Mack for his services.

The team trading for him, however, would only have a $17.5 million cap hit, making it more palatable for them. That is excellent value for a contender who needs an elite pass rusher. A team would likely be willing to give up a third-round pick or commensurate value for a player of Mack's caliber. It makes too much financial sense to get whatever you can for Mack at the peak of his trade value.