3 Chargers Most Likely to Be Traded This Offseason

The Los Angeles Chargers will go through plenty of changes this offseason, including the likely departures of key figures.

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Derwin James

2023 was the first season of Derwin James' career where he couldn't make the Pro Bowl despite being healthy all year. He had a down year across the board, seeing a reduction in his snap count and role within the defense.

By the end of the year, James was either sitting on the sidelines on third and fourth downs or exclusively playing in the slot.

If your star safety with a cap hit of $19.8 million for next year isn't going to play safety, he is probably not worth keeping around.

Yet, there is a risk in moving on from James now. This could be the nadir of his trade value. If he were able to rediscover his form, the Bolts could regret trading him this offseason.

However, the financial gains might be too big to pass. The Chargers could save $12.75 million by trading him after June 1st. For a team that is scheduled to be $34.6 million over the cap at the start of the league year, that might be very appealing. James likely has mid-round trade value around the league, considering how many teams are looking for help in the secondary. That might be enough for Los Angeles.

Could James bounce back next season under Jim Harbaugh and a new defensive coordinator? He certainly has the talent and athleticism to do so. Yet, the fact that the team basically stopped playing him the week Brandon Staley got fired doesn't bode well for him.

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