3 Clippers on Thin Ice After Ty Lue Extension

The Los Angeles Clippers are entering a pivotal offseason after signing head coach Ty Lue to a contract extension. What happens next?
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PJ Tucker

The 39-year-old power forward has a player option for the 2024-25 season for $11.5 million. In all likelihood, Tucker will pick up that option because it is close to impossible for him to get that amount of guaranteed money in the open market.

However, the Clippers are not in a position to be paying a player of Tucker's caliber that much money. LA is already one of the most expensive teams in the NBA and owner Steve Ballmer has an expensive tax bill. It will be hard to justify keeping Tucker's contract on the books when he has not been a part of the rotation last season.

Tucker is still a valuable veteran. His locker room presence and experience can be useful on plenty of contenders but he simply hasn't been an impactful basketball player for the past year or so. He is a step slower on the defensive end, struggling to stay in front of quicker players. He was always a limited offensive player but now he barely does anything except shoot corner threes.

Tucker's salary is the perfect amount to be used in trades. He is not going to be treated as a positive contract around the league, but combined with the next player on this list, he can net you a high-level starter.