3 Clippers Playing Their Final Postseason in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Clippers are headed to the NBA Playoffs. It might be the last time we see these three veterans in a Clippers uniform.
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James Harden

Another star whose contract is expiring at the end of the season is James Harden. The 34-year-old guard was acquired by Los Angeles early in the season. Since the Clippers gave up significant assets in that trade, Harden has plenty of internal leverage in contract negotiations as Steve Ballmer likely doesn't want to lose a player he gave up so much for only a few months ago.

But, Harden is famously flakey. He is on his fourth team in four years, after all. Obviously, if the Clippers give him the long-term contract that he seeks upwards of $35 million per year for multiple years, Harden will gladly stay in LA. Whether the team will do that, especially if the Clippers disappoint in the playoffs, is a different question.

Harden's playoff foibles are well known. He has rightfully been the scapegoat in multiple spots previously as he fails to carry his regular-season heroics into the postseason. Plus, he is not even the same level of regular-season player anymore at his advanced age.

In his defense, he managed to stay healthy, played in 72 games for the Clippers and over 34 minutes per game, averaging 16.6 points and 8.5 assists per game. But, he is nowhere near the same level of scorer and finisher he was in his Rockets days. There is a very real chance that he looks bad in the playoffs once again and the Clippers will choose to play hardball with him and lose him in the summer.