3 Clippers Who Won't Be Back in 2024

The LA Clippers are entering a pivotal offseason with likely big changes coming. Which players will not be back for the 2024-25 season?
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Paul George

The Los Angeles Clippers could have signed Paul George to a multi-year extension at any point during the season or since the NBA Finals concluded. Yet, they haven't.

If they were willing to give George the maximum contract extension he desires, this deal would have been signed and sealed by now. However, for the first time in the Steve Ballmer era, the Clippers are playing hardball. Reportedly, LA is unwilling to give George longer than a three-year deal to match the duration of his contract with his running mate Kawhi Leonard's. At age 34, PG13 is understandably trying to maximize his earnings. This means at least a four-year deal so that he can get more guaranteed money at the back end of his contract.

There will be teams in free agency that will be willing to give George the maximum money that they can. This includes the Orlando Magic and the Philadelphia 76ers. There might be surprise teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder or another one emerging in a potential sign-and-trade scenario.

Paul George is the best free agent with the possibility of changing teams this summer. Considering how shallow the free-agent market is, every team with cap space will be interested in a nine-time All-Star who can fit on any team.

George is not the same player he was when he was an MVP candidate with the Thunder back in the 2018-19 season. But he is still one of the best two-way wings in the game. His all-around playing style is an excellent fit anywhere and makes him a likely goner this summer.