3 Clippers Who Won't Be Back in 2024

The LA Clippers are entering a pivotal offseason with likely big changes coming. Which players will not be back for the 2024-25 season?
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Mason Plumlee

Another aging veteran who the Clippers will likely lose this summer is Mason Plumlee. The 34-year-old center was okay as Ivica Zubac's backup last season but he has declined significantly over the last couple of years. He struggles to protect the rim and defend out on the perimeter while not being able to finish on the other end.

Plumlee's contract is expiring this summer. He wouldn't be the worst backup center if he were to sign a minimum deal. However, the Clippers are likely better off if they took their chances on a younger player with a higher upside.

When the Clippers were at their best in the Ty Lue era, it was when they could play small-ball lineups. They had wings that could guard multiple positions and shoot threes at the same time. They could play them at center and put together deadly offensive lineups.

With Zubac and Plumlee as their centers, they can't do that anymore and this has hurt their ceiling. Bringing in a player who could replicate what Robert Covington, Nicolas Batum, or Marcus Morris was doing for the Clippers instead of keeping Plumlee around would go a long way for this team to reach their potential.

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