3 Lakers Trade Targets to Avoid at All Costs

The Los Angeles Lakers can't afford to make the mistake of going after these three trade targets.
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Jerami Grant

The Los Angeles Lakers need more two-way players this summer. One issue that plagued them over the last two seasons was their lack of two-way players. They either had offense-only players like D'Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves, or defense-only players like Jarred Vanderbilt. They have to make sure they get some players who can play both ends of the floor around LeBron and Davis.

With that in mind, Jerami Grant might seem like an ideal fit. On paper, he is. He shoots 40% from three, can create his own shot, and gets to the basket while being able to defend at a high level on the other end. Considering where the Portland Trail Blazers are in their rebuilding process, they will likely be open to trading him.

However, Grant makes $29.7 million for next season and is under contract through 2028, when he is going to be 34 years old. His contract steadily rises over the next couple of years, taking up a lot of the Lakers' cap space. This means that Grant would get paid like the third-best player on the Lakers. Unfortunately, you are not winning a championship if Jerami Grant is your third-best player.

The Lakers need good-value contracts. They can't afford to overpay, even if it is for good players. Grant is a very good two-way forward but he is still a role player. The Lakers need to be able to find that kind of value for much cheaper if they want to go deep in the postseason.

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