3 Most Likely Lakers Head Coach Hires After Dan Hurley Update

The Los Angeles Lakers are back to the drawing board after Dan Hurley snubbed them. Here are the three most likely hires.
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Jay Wright

If the Lakers were completely sold on Dan Hurley as their No. 1 head coach target, the natural next candidate should be Jay Wright. The legendary Villanova coach was Dan Hurley before Dan Hurley.

A two-time national champion with Villanova, Wright has built a juggernaut over his 21 seasons there, turning young players into stars like Kyle Lowry, Jalen Brunson, and Mikal Bridges. He played one of the most modern styles of basketball in the NCAA with a focus on pace and space.

He may have never coached in the NBA but Wright has the coaching style that fits in the league. He gives freedom to his players and allows a free-flowing offense. That should work well with LeBron James at the helm.

The only downside to him is the fact that he is 62 years old and he technically retired from coaching. He currently works as an analyst at CBS/Turner Sports and likely would need a massive offer to take the risk of going back to coaching.

The Lakers already showed that they are not the most attractive destination for a coach since Hurley turned down the opportunity to double his salary in Los Angeles. Therefore, the Lakers may have an uphill battle to convince Wright to leave his cushy TV gig to take the thankless job of being the head coach of the Lakers.

There will certainly be negotiations between the two sides but how motivated Wright will be to lead the Lakers in a post-LeBron era under an impatient leadership and fanbase is a different question.

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