3 Rams Cap Casualty Cuts That Would Save $23 Million This Offseason

The Los Angeles Rams are in a good position in terms of cap space. They could open up even more room if they cut a few players.
Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports
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As we fast approach mid-March when free agency will start, NFL teams have entered offseason mode. Some of the hardest decisions teams have to make in the offseason are about whether to keep or cut their own players. Every year, teams have to part ways with key members of the team because of their salary cap limitations. The Los Angeles Rams are no different.

Like every other team in the league, the Rams can cut a player before June 1 and have their salary on the roster as "dead money" in 2024. Or, they can choose to wait until after June 1 or use a post-June 1 designation to cut a player and have their dead money spread over two seasons. Teams can use the designation on two players per season.

Fortunately for the Rams, their salary cap situation is much better than it was last year. The 2024 cap, which is expected to exceed $240 million, doesn't put the Rams in a dire position. In fact, the Rams currently have $27.6 million in cap space, according to Over the Cap. They can open up more room by making a few difficult cuts.

The Rams don't have that many potential cap casualties, but if they were to waive these three players, they could free up to $23 million in cap space, bringing their cap space to over $50 million which they could use in free agency.