3 Rams Cap Casualty Cuts That Would Save $23 Million This Offseason

The Los Angeles Rams are in a good position in terms of cap space. They could open up even more room if they cut a few players.
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Brian Allen, C

After being the starting center for the previous three seasons with the Rams, Allen was demoted to a backup role in 2023. Having lost the starting gig to Coleman Shelton, Allen only played 10% of snaps last season. Shelton is a free agent this offseason, but if he is re-signed, it's hard to justify keeping Allen around considering his cap hit.

Allen has the seventh-largest cap hit on the team with $8.05 million. That is very high for an injury-prone backup. Allen only played in 12 games in the past two seasons, being a healthy scratch for a large chunk of 2023. Even though having an experienced rotation in your offensive line is valuable, the Rams could have better use for their cap space.

The Rams can open up $4.9 million if they cut him in the beginning of free agency, or $7m if they designate him a post-June 1 cut. Either way, it looks like a no-brainer of a decision.