3 Rams Cap Casualty Cuts That Would Save $23 Million This Offseason

The Los Angeles Rams are in a good position in terms of cap space. They could open up even more room if they cut a few players.
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Joe Noteboom, OT

Similar to Brian Allen, Noteboom was drafted by the Rams in 2018 and signed an extension with the team in 2022, before underwhelming with his performance and losing his starting job.

Alaric Jackson, who took over from Noteboom, performed well in his stead, but is hitting unrestricted free agency this offseason. The Rams will likely make it a priority to retain him. The only way for Noteboom to return for another season to Los Angeles is if the Rams are priced out of re-signing Jackson.

Otherwise, Noteboom is as obvious a cut candidate as there is. A backup lineman who has dealt with significant injuries throughout his career is not worth the $20 million cap hit he carries in 2024.

The financial savings the Rams could have by designating Noteboom a post-June 1 cut are massive. This would save them $15 million which they could use on their more pressing needs such as bolstering the secondary or adding another offensive weapon.