3 Rams Cap Casualty Cuts That Would Save $23 Million This Offseason

The Los Angeles Rams are in a good position in terms of cap space. They could open up even more room if they cut a few players.
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Ben Skowronek, WR

Joe Noteboom and Brian Allen are the only two Rams who bring significant cap savings for Los Angeles for 2024, highlighting the decent financial situation the Rams are in right now. The rest of the cut candidates are less obvious and would only bring meager financial benefits.

Tight end Hunter Long is another candidate that can be mentioned here, but considering the Rams' lack of depth in the position after Tyler Higbee's injury, he could stick around as a cheap backup option.

Ben Skowronek, on the other hand, is rather superfluous on this team. The third-year wide receiver saw his role in the offense decline significantly in 2023, as he finished the season with only eight catches and 66 yards in total. After being a big part of the offense in 2022, he played in only 19% of the snaps last year. He was exclusively used as a special teams weapon, becoming a captain for those units.

Skowronek is certainly not a bad player, and he could be a depth option while providing some value as a blocker. Yet, is he worth the $1.08 million cap hit he carries in 2024? Probably not.

The Rams would save a little over $1 million if they cut the 26-year-old wideout, giving them a little more flexibility to add depth in a position of need.

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