3 Rams Fans Will Be Happy to See Leave in Free Agency

The Los Angeles Rams should try to retain as much talent as possible but it wouldn't be the end of the world if they lost a few of their free agents.
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The expectations for the 2023 Los Angeles Rams were lower than they had ever been in the Sean McVay era. Following the 5-12 season and departures of key veteran talent, especially on the defensive end, the Rams were widely expected to have a transitional rebuilding season.

However, the team bounced back behind the emergence of young stars like Puka Nacua and Kobie Turner, carving the way to a future where the Rams can be a Super Bowl contender again.

But, to repeat their success in 2024, they need to nail their offseason decisions. They have to make tough calls on who they should re-sign. Here are a few names that they shouldn't worry too much about bringing back next year.

QB Carson Wentz

Bringing back the veteran quarterback as a solid backup to Matthew Stafford wouldn't be the worst decision in the world. It would make sense that a contender would want an experienced second-string quarterback. But, this decision may not be entirely the Rams'.

Wentz presumably wants to sniff the market to see if he can get a starter gig. There are a lot of teams currently on the market for a QB. Even if Wentz doesn't land a starting gig at training camp, if he signs with a team with a rookie quarterback, he has a chance to become the starter mid-season.

He likely had Baker Mayfield's path in mind when he signed with the Rams a few months ago. However, he hasn't had much of an opportunity in Los Angeles to prove himself worthy of a starting job elsewhere. But if he does, the Rams shouldn't sweat it.

Drafting a quarterback isn't out of the question for Los Angeles. Matthew Stafford is turning 36 and his prime is surely going to be over soon. Selecting his successor and having him learn from Stafford the way the Green Bay Packers did with Jordan Love and Aaron Rodgers makes a ton of sense. Instead of a placeholder veteran backup, a younger, higher upside option as a backup could be a better scenario for the Rams.