3 Rams Fans Will Be Happy to See Leave in Free Agency

The Los Angeles Rams should try to retain as much talent as possible but it wouldn't be the end of the world if they lost a few of their free agents.
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K Brett Maher

The Rams had one of the least reliable kicking units in the NFL last year. The kicking struggles caused the Rams to make three different changes to their kicker, with Brett Maher losing the job mid-season to only win it back later.

Maher finished the season with six missed field goals, a 73.9% field goal conversion rate, and two missed extra points.

Head coach Sean McVay admitted that the kicking situation was affecting his decision-making on offense, making play-calling more difficult.

A kicker change is all but guaranteed for 2024. Whether the Rams go with one of the veterans in free agency or choose to draft their next kicker remains to be seen, but Maher is almost certainly not coming back next year.

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