3 Rams Who Should Be Cut Before Free Agency Opens

The Los Angeles Rams could open up even more cap room if they part ways with some of their rotation players.

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Joe Noteboom, OT

The fates of Brian Allen and Joe Noteboom have been attached at the hip ever since they were both drafted by the Rams in 2018. Both offensive linemen were starters in Los Angeles early on in their careers, received contract extensions after their rookie deals expired, and suffered injuries that cost them their starting jobs right after.

Allen got cut earlier in the offseason and Noteboom could be next in line.

The 28-year-old tackle only played 59% of snaps last season and lost the starting gig to Alaric Jackson, who performed well in his stead. Jackson received a PFF grade of 66.2, putting him as the 43rd-best tackle, while Noteboom was towards the bottom with a grade of 52.9. He has some value with his positional versatility as he can play any position in the offensive line except center.

General manager Les Snead said the Rams and Noteboom are trying to find a "win-win" solution since they consider him a "valuable piece". This basically means they want him to take a pay cut.

This is understandable as Noteboom has a $20 million cap hit for next season. That is unfeasible for any team to pay a backup lineman. The Rams could save themselves $15 million by making him a post-June 1 cut. This makes him a very obvious-cut candidate as it would give the Rams precious maneuvering room to bolster the roster.