4 Coaches Lakers Should Replace Darvin Ham With

The Los Angeles Lakers need to consider one of these four head coaches to replace Darvin Ham with.
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JJ Redick

If he is staying in Los Angeles, LeBron James will obviously have a big say in who will be the next head coach of the Lakers. We already know that LeBron likes JJ Redick since they have a show called Mind The Game together. He clearly respects Redick's basketball knowledge and insight.

We also know that Redick is trying to become a coach in the NBA. Despite establishing himself as one of the best analysts on the media, Redick has been interviewing for head coach vacancies, most recently with the Charlotte Hornets. He would jump on the opportunity to coach the Lakers if it presented itself.

This depends on whether LeBron approves of this hiring. Bringing in any first-time head coach carries significant risks. Coaching is not the same as providing commentary on television.

Many first-time head coaches struggled in the transition. Steve Nash, despite being one of the smartest basketball minds ever, was not a good head coach. Jason Kidd, similarly struggled in his first appointment with the Brooklyn Nets. Adrian Griffin, despite spending years as an assistant coach, was horrendous in his first head coaching gig with the Bucks this season.

However, it has also has a lot of upside. Steve Kerr was a first-time head coach with the Golden State Warriors when he built a dynasty. LeBron is very familiar with the success young Erik Spoelstra had with the Miami Heat as an inexperienced head coach. It is a high-risk move, but it could also have huge rewards.