4 Former Rivals the Lakers Can Add This Offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers can turn their attention to these former foes in the offseason to bolster their roster for another title run.
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Bol Bol

Another member of the Phoenix Suns who would be a good fit in Los Angeles is the intriguing big man Bol Bol. The South Sudanese combo big hasn't been able to establish his NBA career so far after being such a promising prospect out of Oregon. Yet, the talent is undeniable.

At 7'3, Bol has a ton of length that makes him a fascinating defensive player. He can protect the rim, block a lot of shots, and force misses. Offensively, he can do a little bit of everything, including shoot, pass, and dribble.

His conditioning and effort level have drawn some criticism throughout his career, but at age 24, there is hope that he can improve and mature.

Plus, as a free agent who hasn't proven that he can be a surefire rotation player, he isn't going to warrant a big contract. He should be acquirable on a short-term, "prove it" type of deal. With his ability to space the floor and play next to Anthony Davis, he can be a good fit in some supersized lineups. The size and length a LeBron-Bol-Davis frontcourt has can be scary for opposing teams.