4 Free Agents the Lakers Should Sign for the Veteran Minimum

The Los Angeles Lakers should target these veterans still available in free agency.
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Evan Fournier, SG

Another veteran who has been away from the spotlight over the last couple of years is Evan Fournier. The French shooting guard has been buried in the rotation by Tom Thibodeau in New York but he still has a valuable skill set that would fit very well in Los Angeles.

In limited minutes in the NBA and international play, Fournier has shown that he still has something to contribute. He is a very good shooter with a solid positional size at 6'6. He can pass, make plays for his teammates, and score in a variety of ways. And he is only 31 years old.

We have seen that LeBron James is capable of reviving the careers of sharpshooters. He creates a ton of open looks for shooters and if you can make them, you will get along with him just fine.

Fournier has had multiple seasons where he shot over 40% from three on high volume. He would immediately become one of the best shooters on the Lakers. Considering the lack of shooting and spacing on the Lakers, they don't have the luxury to say no to a high-level shooter like Fournier, especially on a minimum contract.