4 Lakers on Thin Ice With Shocking Coaching News

The Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of hiring Dan Hurley over JJ Redick. This could signal the end for a couple of players.
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4. LeBron James

No Lakers fan wants to hear this but the Dan Hurley hire would suggest that it is a new era in Los Angeles. It was reported on Thursday that LeBron James gave the green light to management to go after Hurley. LeBron reportedly highlighted the importance of hiring a coach for the future who could be there after he leaves.

This suggests that the 39-year-old superstar is already thinking about his post-Lakers plans. He has a chance to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason and he likely will. The widespread consensus is that he will return to Los Angeles for at least another season.

However, Dan Hurley complicates things. If he's coming in with a mandate to build for the future and prioritize long-term successes, it means that LeBron James's needs might not be met. That doesn't mean the Lakers will trade James or let him walk in free agency this offseason. But it could mean that LeBron could potentially seek to end his career somewhere -- not Los Angeles in a year or two.

It is too early to say what this means for LeBron's future with the Lakers but it's not too hard to say that Hurley and James are not the most ideal fit with each other. Perhaps it means that an Anthony Davis-centric era is starting in Los Angeles.

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