5 Former Teammates JJ Redick Can Bring to Lakers if Hired

The Lakers are on the verge of hiring JJ Redick as their next head coach. Here are five players he has played with who would be a good fit for Los Angeles.
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The Los Angeles Lakers are about to finalize the hiring of their next head coach. All signs point to JJ Redick being the appointee as it has been expected for the past couple of weeks.

Whether that is the right decision or not aside, one thing Redick brings to the table is a relationship with current players in the NBA. Only retiring three seasons ago after a 15-year NBA career, Redick has played with plenty of high-level players. This could be a big advantage for the Lakers as the former Duke star can lure some of his former teammates to Los Angeles. Here are five likely names who could join Redick this offseason.

Chris Paul

Redick and Paul played together for the Clippers for three seasons and it was some of the best seasons of Redick's career. They were never quite able to get over the hump and advance past the second round but it was in Los Angeles that Redick established himself as a starting-caliber shooting guard in the league.

CP3 and Redick had an excellent backcourt partnership on the Clippers. Redick, an excellent shooter coming off screens, got a ton of scoring opportunities thanks to Paul's playmaking.

Now, Paul is in a different stage of his career. He has one more non-guaranteed year left on his contract with the Golden State Warriors. It's highly unlikely that the Warriors will guarantee his $30 million salary for next season. This means that he may be cut, making him a free agent who could then sign with the Lakers for a veteran minimum deal.

The 39-year-old is not the player he was a few years ago but he could still be a valuable contributor off the bench for a contender.