5 Former Teammates JJ Redick Can Bring to Lakers if Hired

The Lakers are on the verge of hiring JJ Redick as their next head coach. Here are five players he has played with who would be a good fit for Los Angeles.
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TJ McConnell

Another point guard that Redick has an excellent relationship with is TJ McConnell of the Indiana Pacers. The two played together in Philadelphia between 2017 and 2019 and developed a strong friendship.

McConnell is still under contract for another season and he is due $9.3 million for the 2024-25 campaign. After having a strong season with the Pacers, he may not be available via trade but there is a chance they will want to sell high on the 32-year-old. The former undrafted point guard out of Arizona just had the best postseason of his career, averaging 11.8 points and 5.1 assists in 20.5 minutes per game off the bench.

Indiana already has Tyrese Haliburton and Andrew Nembhard as their starting backcourt. Nembhard can also play backup point guard, making McConnell superfluous. Add the fact that the Pacers will have to give McConnell a contract extension next season, they might just explore what they can get for him now instead.

McConnell is not the shooter D'Angelo Russell is but he would be a cheaper replacement. He can run an offense and carry some of the playmaking burden of LeBron James and Austin Reaves, especially in the regular season. If the Lakers can get him for less than a first-round pick, they should seriously consider it.