5 Players the Lakers Must Target to Salvage Offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers still have a chance to save their offseason if they can bring in a few of these players.
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Jerami Grant

Let's explore some trade targets. Jerami Grant is still on the trade block and there is already reported interest by the Lakers. The sides haven't been able to agree on the price tag so far as the Portland Trail Blazers are rumored to be asking for two first-round picks.

The Lakers should only make this deal if they can get Portland to reduce their price. Los Angeles can only trade two first-round picks and firing their only bullets to acquire Grant may not be the best use of resources.

On paper, Grant is the type of player the Lakers need. He is a very good shooter, having hit 40% from three over the past two seasons while being a solid, multi-positional defender. However, the Lakers have to be very careful about how they use their limited trade assets.

Brandon Ingram

That brings us to the player who should be at the top of the Lakers' trade targets list. If Pelinka is going to use all of his draft capital on a player, Brandon Ingram is a good candidate to be that player.

The Lakers desperately need another shot-creator who can also play off the ball. Ingram fits that mold. He can generate his own shots, especially in the mid-range, while also being able to hit open threes created by LeBron James and Austin Reaves. At the same time, he is a solid defensive player with good size and length.

Ingram is on an expiring contract, so the Lakers would have to give him an extension after acquiring him. However, the 6'8 small forward is only 26 years old and that contract might age well. It might be the move that increases the Lakers' ceiling more than any other potential deal.

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