Dodgers' Official New Nike/Fanatics Looks Like a Cheap Bootleg

The new Dodgers fit by Nike and Fanatics looks absolutely terrible.

ROBYN BECK/GettyImages

The new-look Dodgers are creating a lot of buzz in the city of Los Angeles and the baseball world in general. Most of the excitement is about the additions of superstars Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto on top of the already stacked roster.

However, not everything in the Dodgers world has been met with optimism this offseason. One thing that has gotten endless criticism is the new jerseys.

MLB decided to work with Fanatics this season to create a new line of apparel that is lighter and more comfortable for the players. They were still designed by Nike, but the production was outsourced to Fanatics. The fabric was supposed to be stretchier with increased moisture wicking. Yet, the fans took notice of the lower quality of the product in the latest press releases from teams.

The Pants in New Fanatics Jerseys Are Absolutely Ridiculous

The Los Angeles Dodgers released the team photoshoot on Wednesday. Shohei Ohtani's translucent pants caught the eye of many observers. The thin fabric is almost too thin that it is completely see-through.

The new jerseys had already received plenty of hate with their lack of customization for pant sizes and odd fonts. This is the latest in the overwhelmingly negative response to the Fanatics line.

As funny as the content may be, giving a $700 million superstar see-through pants to play in is unacceptable.

The players union is reportedly getting involved to see if they can come up with a fix until the season opener, but this was clearly an unforced error by the MLB. Trying to fix something that didn't need fixing, they managed to create a needless controversy.

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