Jeff Fisher Lands Surprise New Football Job

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Jeff FIsher is the kind of lovable NFL personality that everyone can enjoy watching from a distance. Unless you were an early-2000's Tennessee Titans fan, you probably don't get very excited thinking of Fisher's body of work.

It's not even that he was terrible, but rather simply mediocre to an almost funny extent. His teams went between 6-10 and 8-8 for six straight seasons from 2009 through 2015. He refused to evolve with the NFL game.

But now, he's apparently willing to adapt and modernize his role in the football world. That comes with a surprise appointment as the Arena Football League's interim commissioner.

While this move is entertaining on the surface for NFL fans, it's actually a very significant move for Arena Football.

Former commissioner Lee Hutton III was removed from his position by unanimous vote after four franchises folded this season. This included a team owned by his wife, Diana Hutton, who seemed to believe a grand conspiracy was holding her back. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, it wasn't her fault, but rather "the league's direct sabotage of our team due to my connection with the commissioner."

From an outsider's perspective, this looks like a great move. Shifting from a commissioner who thought it was appropriate to hold that position while his wife owned a team to a commissioner who has been around professional football since before most of the Arena League players were born is going to add a lot more legitimacy to a league that is clearly struggling.

The L.A. Times reports that the leagues' T.V. deal with the NFL Network even seemed to be in jeopardy, with Arena Football having disappeared from the network's listings. A shift toward legitimacy with Fisher, who clearly has strong NFL ties, at the helm could salvage that opportunity.

The announcement was also made that the league will move forward with 10 teams as Fisher looks to right the ship. This includes the Albany Firebirds, Billings Outlaws, Nashville Kats, Orlando Predators, Rapid City Marshals, Salina Liberty, SW Kansas Storm, Washington Wolfpack, West Texas Desert Hawks and Wichita Regulators.

Fisher admits that he doesn't have any experience as a commissioner, but he still has plenty of relevant experience to draw on.

"I don't have any experience in the league as a commissioner, but I do have experience as I was involved in the Alliance [of American Football], and I was involved in the USFL and I moved a couple of NFL franchises [Houston to Tennessee and St. Louis to Los Angeles]. So I have that kind of experience. And I have relationships."

Jeff Fisher.

Football is more fun when spring and summer leagues are succeeding and giving players opportunities to stay active and make a case for a shot on an NFL roster. Plus it's nice for fans of the game to have something to watch year round.

Fisher may not be remembered fondly in Los Angeles, but it's hard not to root for him in his new role anyway.

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