Lakers Add Much-Needed Role Player in Projected Trade Deadline Move

One projected trade has the Lakers landing sharpshooter Bojan Bogdanovic
One projected trade has the Lakers landing sharpshooter Bojan Bogdanovic / Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

The Lakers have four straight losses, struggling to recapture the chemistry and magic that led them to the NBA's inaugural In-Season Tournament championship.

Some changes are needed to get this team back on track, and one projected trade would infuse much-needed stability and scoring into the wing rotation.

Bojan Bogdanović is reportedly available from a terrible Pistons team - he could be the missing piece to turn this Lakers' season around. What would Los Angeles have to give up to acquire Bogdanović's services?

Protected Lakers Trade Lands Bojan Bogdanović from Pistons

Projected Lakers/Pistons Trade

This projected trade from Bleacher Report would help solve a lot of the Lakers' problems. D'Angelo Russell was relegated to the bench and has never been a good fit for this roster, content to chuck up contested shots instead of moving the ball for a better look.

That's why Bogdanović would be such a valuable addition. He's averaging 19.8 points per game this year and made over 41% of his three-pointers last season while turning the ball over just a couple of times a game. If he were on a better team that didn't require him to create his own offense, like the Lakers, I'd bet those turnover numbers decrease too.

Losing a promising young player like Hood-Schifino would hurt, as well as the draft pick obviously, but this Lakers team doesn't have the luxury to wait. LeBron James and Anthony Davis aren't getting any younger, so the time to strike is now.

Bogdanović is the perfect role player for a playoff run. He's got years of experience, can defend multiple positions and hit open three-pointers.

That's all you can ask for, right? We'll see if Rob Pelinka has any tricks up his sleeve, but he should be giving the Pistons a call.

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